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HGH Clinical Study Results

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) creates a great deal of controversy, mostly because it's misunderstood. It's important to look at the science behind HGH and how it can benefit bodybuilding performance. There are numerous real-life stories from people testifying that HGH replacement therapy can have very dramatic benefits on the body by increasing muscle mass, regaining youthfulness, strengthening the immune system, sharpening memory and lowering blood pressure to name a few.

The New England Journal of Medicine published an HGH clinical study by Doctor Rudman that grew worldwide attention (July 5, 1990). Rudman's clinical study showed that increasing HGH levels in older men helped them feel and look years younger. In the Rudman double blind clinical HGH study, synthetic growth hormone injections were given to 12 men between the ages of 61-81 who at the end of the study developed sleeker, leaner, more youthful bodies. After six months of HGH treatment, the men gained an average of 8.8% lean body mass and lost an average of 14.4% fat mass. The men's skin thickened by 7.1%, the bone density of their lumber spines increased by 1.6%, their livers grew by 19% and their spleens by 17%.

The effects of six months of HGH on lean body mass and adipose-tissue mass were equivalent in magnitude to the changes incurred during 10 to 20 years of aging. Rudman's study was the beginning of thousands of other studies that clearly documented human growth hormone therapy had benefits in HGH deficient adults.

Three pioneering studies in England, Sweden and Denmark found that 4-6 months of HGH replacement in adults with low GH levels had beneficial effects on cardiac function, body composition, renal function, exercise capacity and quality of life. Prior to treatment, many of the patients said they were struggling with low self-esteem, depression and anxiety. After a short time on HGH therapy, the difference was astounding.

L. Cass Terry, M.D., Ph.D., finished a preliminary study of patients treated with the high frequency, low-dose HGH method. This is about 25-50% less HGH than Rudman used on a weekly dosage, whose patients had experienced some side effects. The researchers say Terry's patients tolerated the lower dosage well and had no adverse side effects. Self-assessment questionnaires from 202 patients reported muscle mass gain, body fat loss, increased strength and energy levels, heightened endurance and improved quality of life. Many also reported greater skin thickness and skin texture.

Although there are many HGH benefits, injectable hormone therapy can come with unpleasant side effects that make people reluctant to try HGH. A natural alternative is Sytropin HGH - an oral spray that works as an effective daily supplement comprised of six growth factors and eight amino acid releasers. You can safely and easily begin HGH therapy by taking Sytropin to enhance your overall health and maximize your workout routine.