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Should You Use Injectable HGH for Bodybuilding?

A great deal of people have decided to start looking at unconventional ways to improve their appearance. One of those ways is with injectable HGH for bodybuilding, which many people believe will greatly increase the amount of muscle mass you receive from your workout. But injectable HGH for bodybuilding may not actually be the solution you are looking for.

How Does Human Growth Hormone Increase Muscle Size?

Injectable HGH for Bodybuilding (and, for that matter, any other type of human growth hormone) works not by physically increasing the size of your muscles but by healing them after a workout. When your muscles expand, they get a number of different tears in them. These tears are not remotely dangerous, they are simply a result of the muscle increasing in size. Normally, without help, these tears slowly start to heal and fuse together. As they do so, the muscle starts to shrink back down as well, and though it may have a slightly greater size than it did before you began working out, that size difference is not going to be very large at all.

How injectable HGH for bodybuilding works is that it heals those tears extremely quickly, before they are able to start shrinking. By healing those tears quickly, you are able to keep your muscles larger after every workout, and they start to get bigger and bigger every time you go to the gym. That is why they are so effective – it is not that the hormone itself is increasing your muscle size, it is that the tears in your muscle are healing so quickly that your muscles stay larger even if you work out less.

From this we learn two things:

  1. First, that human growth hormone does have a significant effect on size, which is very useful.
  2. Second, that you still need to be working out regularly to see the effects, and that as long as you are able to heal these tears you will see that size increase.

Because of the second of those two things, we learn that anything that can heal the tears in your muscle are going to be effective. Now, HGH is the best way to heal those tears, but you do not need to take injectable HGH for bodybuilding – rather, all you need is anything that will boost your human growth hormone levels. Instead of using an expensive and unsafe injection form, use a product like Sytropin that can increase your HGH levels naturally.

Sytropin for Bodybuilding


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